Knit the WS rows

From the category “Dirty tricks for advanced”. Today: No more purled WS-rows. Note: I would not knit complicated lace patterns this way.

Don’t touch your face

5reĀ² Five knit stitches with 2 loops each. 5in5 Slip the next five stitches individually as if to purl, then knit these five stitches together through the backloop with k, yo, k, yo, k. So that you have five stitches again.

Lifted increases

The lifted increases are worked from the previous row/s by lifting up a stitch and knit/purl it. LLI = Left-leaning lifted increase As a knit stitch Lift the stitch two rows below the stitch just knit from back to front onto the left needle, and knit it through the back loop. As a purl stitch …

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