Maximum freedom


It happens all the time: you run across a sweater that you love, but it’s full of rules. This yarn, those needles, the gauge indicated is a must, otherwise it won’t work… Time to buy yet more yarn? You’d actually like to knit something with your favorite yarn, and there is plenty of it in your closet. Your gauge doesn’t match what is needed – no matter what you do? Knitting frustration instead of knitting fun?

I will give you the desired maximum freedom when knitting: your yarn, your gauge, your size. Knit as tight or as loose as you like – you can still count on it working.

With the »Maximum Freedom« stamp, I will provide you with simple, clear patterns, casual designs and well-thought-out methods that will work with all yarn weights and all gauges. I will lead you step-by-step, from the first to the last stitch, to your new favorite piece of clothing. Schematic drawings will illustrate what needs to be done next and where it will lead. Try the free pattern Raglano to see how it works.

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