Short rows with shadow wraps

My first choice for short rows in stockinette, is the shadow wrap method.


1 – Lift the stitch directly below the first stitch on the left needle from back to front and place it on the left needle.
2 & 3 – Knit it.
4 – Slip the new stitch onto the left needle. Now you have a doublestitch. Turn work.


1 – Slip the next stitch with yarn in front.
2 – Lift the stich below the slipped stitch onto the left needle.
3 – Purl it. Now you have a doublestitch on the right needle.
4 – Slip it onto the left needle. Turn work.

These double stitches are considered as one stitch afterwards. So you knit / purl both loops together when you have to knit / purl them in the next row.

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